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On September 28, 2018, the BRP Weekend 2018 Event took place in the Moscow Region for the first time. Ritm Company with the QuantSport and BRP Travel became the organizer and judge of the ATV Light and ATV Extreme categories of competitions.

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The "Ritm" Company served as the technical partner of a major sporting and tourist event — the BRP Weekend festival "The opening of ATV season 2017" on April 22, 2017.

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Contact GSM-16

The combination of wired input loops and radio sensors allows to arm any real estate objects: country cottages and regular apartments, stores, offices and production shops.

Contact GSM-14

Using the panel Contact GSM-14 you can manage the security of the apartment, cottage security or other facilitys security, and save its design concept and coziness. Wireless sensors will greatly ease and quicken the designing, assembling and setup of this security system.

Contact GSM-9N

In those cases when the secured object has only one access point, Contact GSM-9N is the most effective way to arm it with security device. Its key feature is compact size and low price. The fact that it is placed in one case with keypad makes it compact, the price is the result of merging these devices.

Voyager 2N

Using Voyager 2N together with GEO.RITM system gives You possibility to decrease fuel expenses at 25-30%, increasing the profit of your business at the same moment. Economical effect of using Voyager 2N is based on the termination of the tricks with the fuel: realizing the imminence of revealing of fuel siphoning and underfilling, the drivers stop stealing, but management of transport enterprise will have the correct way for controlling the conditions of the tanks.

Voyager 6N

A fully independent and sealed GPS-tracker, also known as a beacon or bug, is designed to determine a vehicles location in the event of theft.