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Voyager 2N-WiFi just came into market

Dear clients and partners!

We would like to introduce you our new GPS/GLONASS-tracker - Voyager 2N-WiFi.
This modification possesses more functions than the previous model - Voyager 2N, which now has a Wi Fi channel. Thus, data on location of the vehicle and sensors state can be transmitted via authorized WiFi spots.

This improvement allows to cut down on expenditures on mobile communication in case you dont need to track the state of the vehicle in real-time mode. In this case in garage vehicle fleet operator it is enough to install wireless router, so that when vehicle comes after shift to the base, our GPS-tracker Voyager 2N-Wi Fi will transmit all data, accumulated during the shift via Wi Fi. When all data is received by GEO.RITM cloud software, you can easily control proper use of the vehicle during the shift (eliminate additional rounds and additional mileage ) and suppress the attempt of siphoing fuel, in case you setup receiving data from fuel level sensor or from CAN-bus.

Also, WiFi allows to perform vehicle monitoring there, where is no GSM connection, like in Siberia, in lumber camps. Harvesting machinery can stay at working lot for months. When there is no cellular connection its quite hard to control machinery and its working regime. Voyager 2N-WiFi can help to solve this problem: if you equip your harvesters and forwarders with this tracker, forest operators will see via GEO.RITM the following information: in which zone they worked, did they enter someone elses working lot). Ofcourse, in conditions when there is no GSM connection you have to gather all the information by yourself: working lots must be inspected by vehicle with the laptop with Wi Fi spot and with RITM.LINK software. After RITM.LINK gathers all data from the machinery at the working lot, its enough to get back to the Internet coverage area and RITM.LINK will transmit data to GEO.RITM.

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