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September update of the firmware

: -   GSM-10

Security and fire alarm panels Contact GSM-10 and Contact GSM-10a

Contact GSM-10 and Contact GSM-10a now can work with RITM.LINK and be authorized via IMEI (using CSD and SMS). Also, the update includes communication channel ContactID via SMS.
In addition to everything in new firmware it is also available to identify telephone number of SIM-cards installed in the device.



Wire shock pick up/tilt sensor DST

After the update sensor can setup the output state (normally closed or normally opened contacts). Please, note that after software update from version ACC-2.001.001 to ACC-2.001.002 the state of output will stay the same - it will be normally opened.


pick up/tilt sensor DST


Control panel Contact GSM-5-2 RITM.LINK

Control panel Contact GSM-5-2 RITM.LINK

After the update of the firmware of Contact GSM-5-2 remote armong and disarming of the area was added.



GPS-tracker Voyager 2N

GPS-tracker Voyager 2N

After the update trackers reaction to incorrect master-key was added:
    ◊ within 10 minutes it stops responding to comands when connecting via configuration ccable;
    ◊ when connecting via CSD the available connection gets fractured.
The fact that the incorrect key was entered is recorded in the event log.
Also, we added information on fuel level and its temperature from sensor LLS Strela D232. Port RS-232 can be used in Ritm and D232 protocols.
Operation algorithm of accelerometer is optimized.
Also, we added ability to store level value of signal of GSM and WiFi.
In case if equipment installation engineer forgot to write down SIM-cards numbers, you can identify them remotely.


Control panels Contact GSM-5-RT1

Control panels Contact GSM-5-RT1 and Contact GSM-5-RT3

The update of retranslators software enabled authorization via IMEI via communication chanels CSD, SMS and GPRS.
You can also identify telephone numbers of the built-in SIM-cards.

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