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Ritm acted as technical sponsor of the Close of the ATV season 2015

  - 2015

Last Saturday, October 17th, 2015, Ritm acted as technical sponsor of the Close of the All-Terrain Vehicles season 2015 of LahtaClub.

Group race this time washed at area about 45 m2 at the territory of the Karelian Isthmus, not far from Roschino village.

We, Ritm team, once again had to track the location of participants of the race, that is about 43 km long across country.

The weather was sunny, but chilly: in the morning the stem of thermometer showed only 4 . The registration of the participants started at 9 am in the open tent near the country house hotel Raivola.

There were 108 participants of the race from different clubs of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad Region, who made 18 teams in two categories: 9 Light teams and 9 Extreme teams , also 6 teams of SSV category. After registration the participants were told the rules of the race handed the timetable.

The race had started around 12:30: participants of Light category started the race first, then Extreme category started the race, and then - buggies of participants of SSV category were let out. Before the race all participants were given GPS-trackers Voyager 4N in order to receive information on their location during the race. Not even one of 108 devices have failed - all of them transmitted correct location, speed and direction of their movements, all this information was available at plasma screen in real-time mode.

This time at the launch time a lot of fans took pictures and videos, and ATV rode over the camera mounted on the ground a few times at high speed. But the launch zone was the only place where All-Terrain Vehicles were speeding this much.

The last participant of the race left the launch zone at 13:28 oclock, and about 15:00 the first riders started to arrive at finish. So we, the Ritm team, had just about 1,5 hours to fill the GEO.RITM cloud software at brp.ritm.ru web site with the data on participants of the teams.

After the first participants finished the race, referees checked if the teams visited the appointed zones via software, using data received from tracker Voyager 4N.

Thanks to the operational efficiency, all the disputable situations were solved right on the spot. Unfortunately, this time there were incidents - the Kvadrador team had to leave the race because one of the All-Terrain Vehicles was stuck bog. If they didnt catch it at the wheel, they couldve loose the vehicle. So, they ended up just with engine repair.

Official information on amount of visited bonus points and non visited passing points, as well as time of the race you can find at LachtaClubs page, while we will show you a different statistics this time- speed performance of racing teams.

Name of the team Average mileage, km Average speed, km/h Maximum speed, km/h
Khromoy Bulldozer482099
Motorelaks 2471799
Sumasshedshie ulitki481794
Snezhniy volk 14219115
Titan Tech411990
Lakhta Sever4418104
Snezhniy volk 2431796
Baltiyskiy vitiaz421697
Shcherbakov Egor7329114
Koshkin Fedor7229101
Pshegodskiy Anton712893
Lubeshkin Vitaliy7928112
Poputckiy Viacheslav6327119
Dolgopolov Sergey212290

Quite a few teams decided not to fight for bonus spots. For instance, on the picture you can see tracks of participants from two teams near the bonus area KKKK: Lachta (red track, they took the bonus) and Solnishko (green track, passed by).


After summing up, the winners were awarded. Each participant of those teams, that took the first place, Ritm gave the certificate for receiving and installation of the Voyager 4N tracker or Contact GSM-2 security device..

We congratulate all participants and winners of the competition and would like to share with you photos from the event.

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