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Connection Wizard for Simple Device Configuration

Connection Wizard for Simple Device Configuration

The Ritm company presents the specially developed Connection Wizard software, designed to simplify the equipment configuration procedure.

The Connection Wizard is designed to determine the appropriate configuration software for the device firmware in use and run it.

The Connection Wizard receives configuration software from the ritm.ru website and stores them locally on the PC, in its folder.

In other words, when configuring several devices with the same version of the firmware, the configuration software will be downloaded only once.

The Connection Wizard is capable of loading all available configuration software versions for all kinds of devices (about 70 MB). For this case, configuring a device does not require an Internet connection.

If the Connection Wizard cant find the required configuration software in its local folder after connecting to a device, it will automatically proceed with downloading it from our website.

Benefits of using Connection Wizard:

  • You dont waste your time on searching for the appropriate configuration software version.
  • You dont bother yourself with whether a certain configuration software version suits your version of the device firmware.
  • You need no Internet connection to locally configure your equipment.

Please note! Files for updating the firmware are always downloaded from our website and are not stored locally. If you want to update your firmware using the Connection Wizard, your PC must be connected to the Internet.

As of the moment of the Connection Wizard issue date, the following devices are supported:

Contact Voyager Other Equipment
Contact GSM-2 Voyager 2N LCD KB2 touch keypad
Contact GSM-5 Voyager 2N Wi-Fi DST wired tilt/shock pick up sensor
Contact GSM-14 Voyager 2N Light  
Contact GSM-15 Voyager 2N Light RS-485  
Contact GSM-16 Voyager 2TN  
Contact LAN Voyager 4N  
  Voyager 5N  
  Voyager 6N  
  Voyager 15  

Other devices will be added with future firmware updates.

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