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On 22 October 2016 the Can-am Weekend festival took place

 - 2016

On 22 October 2016 the Can-am Weekend festival took place which was one of the most significant events of this fall.
This year the BRP Travel project arranges the festival and the ROSAN company supported the event.

The Ritm company yet again acted as a technical partner and equiped all competitors with its recent development — Voyager 6N, standalone and sealed GPS-trackers.

This time several well-known clubs from Saint-Petersburg took part in the competition: Legion, Motorelax, Lahta Club, Bombardier club, Bulldozers, Top X Team, Quadr Gang South. A total of 112 people in an area of 18.265 ha competed for top places in three different categories:

  • ATV Light,
  • ATV Extreme,
  • SSV.

Race area          track example

The organizers considered the experience of running previous competitions and advantages of the new Voyager 6N sealed trackerallowed to attach trackers directly to ATVs. All trackers were also stamped. This allowed to fully eliminate errors in position location of competitors on the route and conflicts about manipulations with devices.

Due to satellite tracking of racer ATVs performed by the Ritm company supporters had an ability to watch the race in real time from the judicial office and in the Internet. Anybody could see the exact location of a competitor. Judges, team members and supporters could access the information on route trails and results of control point visits straight after finish. This considerably accelerated and streamlined calculation of results.

All initial data is available on our service brp.ritm.ru. If desired you could imagine yourself to be a judge: just follow the link and calculate the results by yourself.

Our sincere congratulations to the competition winners! We wish them further success and offer to watch several shots from the competition. The full photo report see in the VK gallery.

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