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The "Ritm" Company served as the technical sponsor for the Snowmobile Festival "Mandrogi-2017"

The "Ritm" Company served as the technical sponsor for the Snowmobile Festival "Mandrogi-2017" in the format BRP Weekend on February 18, 2017.

Earlier such festival passed without any competitions: the tourist route was arranged for all participants on snowmobiles. However, for this time there was decided to introduce a competitive element and organize the races. The total length of the route was about 100 km.

The "Ritm" company have assumed the judicial duty. In our tasks were included to:

  • equip each participant with GPS trackers Voyager 6N,
  • hold control the passage of checkpoints by racers by means of the GEO.RITM software,
  • record the routetime,
  • summarize and identify the winners.

Six teams of 3-5 participants were registered for the race:

  • The Survivors of siege,
  • The Chevalier of fortune troopers,
  • The Expendables,
  • The Owl,
  • The Toxovonian,
  • The Tornado.

The Voyager 6N were dole out for the each participant before the start and the checkpoints that should be visited were loaded in their navigator.

After that, the teams rushed to storm the route.
Each unvisited checkpoint added the penalty minutes to the routetime when estimating the totals. As a result, the first three places were distributed as follows:

The Toxovonian 2:48:10
The Tornado 2:55:45
The Owl 4:17:32

An example of how the unvisited points looked like.


In addition, the Winners in individual categories "The most aggressive participant" and "The most leisurely participant" were revealed.

Victor Zolotaykin was the most aggressive racer with a result of nine sharp accelerations, five sudden braking, nine sharp and four middle turns.
Alexandr Maslakov was the most leisurely and showed an average speed of 41.65 km/h.

At the solemn part, the "Ritm" Company congratulated all winners with the Diplomas and Certificates for the monitoring equipment installation.

We are grateful to BRP Travel Company for the opportunity to take an active part in such an interesting event once again and congratulate the winners and all participants of the competition!

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