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Live video feed from your vehicle

This professional GPS-tracker can record video from 4 cameras and transmit it via 4G and Wi Fi.

Voyager-15 is useful when you need to locate your vehicle and get video feed from it. Using Voyager-15 with video cameras and 3G/4G modem will allow you to watch live video feed. Thus, owner or an authorized person can learn whats going on with the vehicle. It allows to:

  • perform random inspection of cash-in-transit couriers work in order to prevent theft and stealage;
  • perform visual control of loaders work (for instance, in case they work with expensive equipment);
  • perform visual control of the cab (for instance, to control presence of the driver and him being awake).

Smart traffic consumption of Voyager-15 activates video data transmission via 3G and 4G only when you a looking through them. It allows to eliminate expenditure on transmitting idle data.

video recording from vehicles

Voyager-15 solves such tasks of vehicle video monitoring as:

  • Permanent video recording inside of the cab or the body in order
    to increase safety of passenger and cargo carrying, to prevent theft and vandalism, to provide antiterrorist security;
  • Recording video of traffic situation in order to increase road safety and make analysis of causes of road traffic accident easier;
  • Video control of the passenger traffic in transport facilities,
    which take part in passenger carrying in order to prevent stealage
    of the earnings;
  • Video control of special vehicles in those cases, when installation
    of additional equipment doesnt make any sense, cannot be performed, or cannot guarantee actual work of the mechanisms.
    For instance, control of the actual work of the tower crane, tow trucks, construction machinery or municipal equipment.

The recorded video is saved to the built-in hard disk drive and, if needed, can be received from it via Internet or local network and will be available in your GEO.RITM account.

Route control and control of proper use of carrier vehicles

Monitoring of traffic route of the carrier vehicles with Voyager-15 provides important information to the owner and logistics specialist, which allows to decrease maintenance expense by means of preventing improper use of the car fleet and adding mileage in the duty slip.
Voyager-15, together with report on movement and stops report in GEO.RITM system allows to get transport enterprise under control: to learn which routs did the driver took, to see the parking spots and duration of the stops, relate the actual routes to the planned routes.

High quality tracks

Voyager-15 is equipped with built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver, which helps to make position location of the carrier vehicle. Algorithms which are used in the equipment and built-in accelerometer allow
to avoid problems with mapping the parking spots and receive
a good track even on challenging parts of the road, such as traffic

Timely data submission

Built-in GPRS-modem provides Voyager-15 with packet data transmission channel. It transmits navigation information
of the controlled vehicle and information on emergency situations. It can guarantee the location control even in case there is the lack of high-speed connection (Wi Fi/3G/4G). Installation of two SIM-cards broadens the coverage area, allows to go abroad and increases the communications availability.

Video monitoring

Video monitoring is performed via external video camera. One Voyager-15 can be connected to 4 analog cameras or 1 FullHD camera. Any type of the analog camera (PAL standard) can work with Voyager-15.
Voyager-15 powers cameras with constant voltage of 12V, and
it eases their installation.

When connecting the external 3G/4G modem to the built-in USB port or when vehicle is within Wi Fi coverage area with Internet access, Voyager-15 can transmit live video feed. For purposes
of cost minimization you can adjust quality of the transmitting video, and data transmitting via USB modem will be performed only when its needed. All video footage is saved to the
Voyager-15 video archive, if the hard disk drive SATA, USB flash drive or SD memory card is installed. Access to the video archive can be gained via Internet at GEO.RITM, via Ethernet or via local Wi Fi network, provided by the device.

Additional features

Voyager 15 possesses several additional features:

  • Its easy to control regime and perform primary diagnostics using the external LED indication;
  • Device setup and its adding to your account at GEO.RITM via IMEI
    is easy and intuitive;
  • Data is transmitted via encrypted communication via VPN;
  • Voyager 15 can organize its own Wi FI network. If 3G or 4G USB modem is connected to the device, then youll be able to access Internet connection via Wi FI, organized by Voyager-15;
  • There is an opportunity of connection between driver and dispatcher, based on modern Internet-tablets. Your software developers can create their own web-applications for driver-dispatcher communication, acceptable for Internet-tablets browser. The drivers tablet doesnt need the cellular communication.

General characteristics

Supports EGTS protocol +
GSM antenna External
GPS/GLONASS antenna External
SIM-card, quantity 2
USB-port, quantity 2
External power 11-15 V, 22-30 V
Backup accumulator battery type 600
Rated capacity of accumulator battery 2600 mAh
Energy consumption of the device up to 1,27 A (depends on operational conditions)
Built-in motion sensor +
Built-in accelerometer +
External indicators External power 12 V
External power 24 V
GSM/Wi-Fi signal
Event log no less than 512 000 entries
Media type for recording video and event log
USB-flash-drive +
HDD (SSD) 2,5 (SATA) +
microSD +

Video settings

Image compression codec H.264
Video picture size from one camera 720576 pixels
Frame frequency 24 frame/sec. from each camera
Possible installation of 1 Full HD camera instead of 4 analog cameras +
Access to the video archive and to the live video feed via http protocol +

Device and camera power supply

Car-system power 12/24 V with protection 12V / 24V
Voltage variation protection up to 600V +
Load on each camera power supply output up to 350 mA
Built-in power supply for cameras +
Short-circuit protection for each camera +

Design features

Overall dimensions 47150150 mm
Weight 300 g
Operation temperature range 0+70 C

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