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Wireless Control Panels
Wireless Control Panels
Compact standalone alarm button "Contact GSM-1M"
Easy equipping of a small shopping pavilion or other property with a standalone or stationary autonomous alarm button without the installation of other expensive systems thats exactly the kind of job that the Contact GSM-1 is designed to do. Operation of the alarm button doesnt require any additional modules or devices: all it needs is to be connected to an external power source or periodically charged.
Control panel Contact GSM-16
The Contact GSM-16 control panel is used for real estate objects: country cottages and private homes, studio and regular apartments, stores and offices, warehouses and production shops. The combination of wired input loops and radio sensors allows to control up to 48 different zones.
Security system with GSM-module and battery-powered in the body of the motion sensor Contact GSM-2
Contact GSM-2 is a compact security device, placed in one case with PIR motion sensor. Youll be able to install the security alarm within minutes at any property: garage, kiosk, van, any room in GSM coverage area. Besides that, with Contact GSM-2 you can set temporary protection of the property while redecoration work is in process.
Wireless control panel Contact GSM-14
Using the panel Contact GSM-14 you can manage the security of the apartment, cottage security or other facilitys security, and save its design concept and coziness. Wireless sensors will greatly ease and quicken the designing, assembling and setup of this security system.