Professional GPS-tracker Voyager 2N for fuel and routes control
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Termination of the attempts
of the fuel siphoning

Using Voyager 2N together with GEO.RITM system gives you possibility to decrease fuel expenses at 25-30%, increasing the profit of your business at the same moment.

Economical effect of using Voyager 2N is based on the termination of the tricks with the fuel: realizing the imminence of fuel siphoning and underfilling revealing, the drivers stop stealing. Management of Vehicle Operating Company will have the correct way for controlling the conditions of the tanks.

Experience has proven that, the real fuel consumption is less than norms following which the fuel is charged off, so using Voyager 2N permits you to correct individually norms of consumption for each transport and driving mode of each driver.

Fuel control in details

Using Voyager 2N you can control the fuel consumption without expensive installation of the additional sensors and without Interference into the car fuel system. Just connect the device to CAN BUS on board computer, that is available in the most of the modern cars, set it and it will be transmitting the data about fuel level to GEO.RITM system.

For the cars that are not equipped with CAN BUS-on board computer, there is a possibility to install additional fuel sensor that will be transmitting data via Voyager 2N.

Fuel level report is the most precise report about fuel system mode and engine operation condition of the car. It performs the information about filling of the tank, about fuel draining and fuel consumption, about ticking over hours, hours of the engines working and total operation hours. For each fuel event, the following parameters are indicated: volume, time, place and address of the siphoning/filling.

For working of the report only the source of the fuel information is required. It can be data from the data bus, cut-in fuel sensor or regular fuel sensor, the report can process it and perform the requested information.

For example, the vehicle, Volkswagen Transporter according to the passport has the consumption about 12,4 lit/100 km. Fuel level report shows that the driver uses the car in more economical way, because the real average consumption during 2 months was around 9,5 lit/100km. Additionally we got information that during these 2 months the car was filled 9 times, full volume was 526 lit and the consumption was 549 lit. This data can be verified with the report of the petroleum company.

The report can be composed for any period both for one car and for several simultaneously, data about all the changes of the fuel level are performed in diagram.

Summary data, including the information about total consumption of the fuel per period, average consumption per 100km and average consumption per 1 hour of working, are performed in the form of summary table in the same report. The last parameter is very important for the machinery with the low mileage but with long time of the active operations, as it can be tracked vehicles, excavators, highway engineering.

From the fuel level report you can find out the exact location of the event on the map, having followed the correspondence link, herein you can leave the report opened.

Experience of implementation of GEO.RITM system shows that using of that system is compensated within 3-9 months depending on the means of transport (light transport, load-carrying transport, passenger transport).

Tracking of the routes and proper using of the transport

Routes monitoring using Voyager 2N makes available the important information for the owner or logistic specialist, that permits them
to decrease the operational expenses and fuel and lubricants expenses (even without installation of the fuel sensors) at 20% thanks to termination of the improper use of the fleet and tricking with the mileage.

The new modification of the tracker Voyager2NWi-Fi can also transfer information in the absence of GSM network at a specified Wi-Fi access point. This allows to monitor transport where there is no permanent network of GSM, for example, in the plains, in places of high altitude and deep forest. In terms of monitoring within the city, if there is no need to monitor the state of an object in real-time, Voyager2NWi-Fi will help to reduce the cost of data transmission.

Tracking of the routes
and proper using of the transport in details

Voyager 2N together with drive and rest time report in GEO.RITM system permits to clarify what the driver was doing during a day:
the routes, mileage, place of parking, duration of travelling from one destination to another one, duration of parking and if he achieved
the destinations in time.

Moreover, using Voyager 2N together with drive time and rest time report, performing by GEO.RITM service, will permit you to indicate and to terminate non operative down time, systematic parking in forbidden places and to solve the conflict between your driver and a client of the company or a chief of the logistic department in case of appearance of the unpredictable situation (delay during travelling, mission not fulfilled in time etc).

Drive time and rest time report will permit you to perform in table a list of all movements and parking of your vehicle for any period. At the same moment you can see exact time of the beginning, finishing and duration of moving/parking. Additionally for parking the exact place of parking (exact address) is indicated, for moving current mileage and average speed of the period.

For example, basing on the information available for dispatcher, vehicle Volkswagen Transporter AK-178 on Saturday 28/02/2015 did not have to leave company parking, but in the reality, the driver was using the car for 1 hour and 6 min for his private purposes. So the additional mileage was 25 km.

The report can be based on the information about one or group of vehicles.
Pressing the line Parking or Driving the current address of parking or part or the road will be performed. The report will be not closed. Total data including information about driving/parking time, mileage and average speed will be performed in the form of table in the same report.

Basing on the data represented in the driving and rest time report you will always can:

  1. Optimize pick-up and waiting time of the transport: to know which vehicle is the nearest one for the ordering point or loading/unloading
  2. Optimize business-processes in your company: to find out loading/unloading time, transportation time and to correct the schedule and routes
  3. To increase the efficiency of the personnel: to realize why some of them are late or do not have enough time to fulfill their missions, to take steps in order to increase the level of the discipline and to exclude non operative downtime of vehicles
  4. To exclude totally the improper use of the transport: to verify any deviation of the route and schedule, to determine shill routes
  5. To decrease penalty expenses: to exclude parking in unpermitted places, to increase the personnel level of the responsibilities
  6. To increase the company image and to minimise unforeseen situations: to clarify the reasons of the delays in shipments to the clients and to contradict unfounded accusations.

Defensive driving and decreasing accident risk

If you aspire to improve the driving quality, to decrease accident risk,
to increase social responsibility of the drivers, to improve the image of your company, use Ritm solution concerning defensive driving.

Using Voyager 2N together with GEO.RITM can determine the drivers prone to define traffic regulations and like to scorch, also give you
the possibility to decrease the quantity of the accidents in 5 times,
to decrease fuel expenses and maintenance at 15% and to decrease
the wear of the car at 25%.

Economical effect of Voyager 2N using is based on the termination of the extreme driving: during overspeeding, hard acceleration or braking or turning, Voyager 2N will warn the driver about high risk maneuver and will remind him that he is under control. Prompt information permits the driver to correct his way of driving and further preventive work with the personnel will decrease the quantity of the accidents.

Defensive driving
and decreasing accident risk in details

Place and time of each breaking down are recorded and can be shown on the map.
Thanks to built-in accelerometer Voyager 2N does not need any installation of the additional sensors just go to GEO.RITM service, set the maximum speed, acceleration/ braking amount and you will see how the drivers take care of the cars.
Simple setting of driving parameters directly from GEO.RITM service will relieve you from the necessity to install special software or contact any technical support.

Voyager 2N together with GEO.RITM will help you:

  1. To decrease downtime and operation costs, repair expenses and maintenance expenses
  2. To decrease risk of accidents
  3. To save life and health of all participants of the traffic
  4. To provide safety of cargo and to keep proper transportation conditions
  5. To decrease insurance costs
  6. To prolong lifetime of the vehicles and to increase their residual costs
  7. To improve the company image
  8. To decrease the vehicle wear
  9. To decrease the costs of expendable materials: petroleum and lubricants, tyres and break shoes
  10. To provide objective information for the accident investigation if it happened any way
  11. To increase ecological way of driving by decreasing the level of harmful gas during jack-rabbit start, to encourage to save road pavement

Using Voyager 2N together with overspeeding report permits you to get information about speed enforcement.

In the main part of the report in the form of table the following parameters are indicated: date, time, place of breaking down, maximum speed, duration of the breaking down and mileage with overspeeding.
The report will inform you about quantity of excess of the hump speed indicated in the settings minimum and maximum. In order to see the part of the route with the violention it will be enough to open the part of the report with indication of the place of overspeeding.

It is possible to display several tracks with breaking down simultaneously, different colors of the track will permit the logistic specialist to analyze breaking down.

Using Voyager 2N together with report of the way of driving permits you to get information about violation in different ways of driving: emergency braking and acceleration, unsafe way of turning.
Flexible setting of the parameters of braking and acceleration permits you to process the violation with different rate of rigidity: to include in the report only the drivers who step on the breaks emergently (with acceleration more than 5 m/sec) or just hard braking (with acceleration more than 3 m/sec).

In the main part of the report you can see the date, period of time when the violation happened, maximum limit speed or duration of the breaking down (depending on the type of the breaking down) and the place. In order to depict the track with the breaking down, it will enough to click the point in the report.
The report is finished by the total data about the quantity of the breaking down.

Perfect quality of the tracks

Using GPS/GLONASS receiver with high quality, simple settings of Voyager 2N, always A-GPS technology permits to guarantee high speed of the position location determination and unparalleled quality of tacks not only on the highway but also inside of the city with plenty of crook and road interchanges. In its turn, high quality tracking is a guarantee of the corrected calculated mileage.

With a correct tariff the price of GPRS traffic using will be not more than 0,3 Euro per device per month.

Receiving of the data about fuel

Data of the fuel level sensor permits you to control the fuel system of the vehicles, to evaluated the fuel level, volumes of the fillings and fuel discharging.

Voyager 2N block can receive information from different kinds of fuel level sensors.

CAN - is a possibility of direct connection to on board computer of the vehicle for data receiving, for example fuel level. Direct connection permits you to exclude the expenses of the installation of cut-in sensor, extra equipment by additional devices and guarantees matches of the data, achievable for the dispatcher, with those that are achievable for the driver. Analogue - operating signal about fuel from on board computer; frequency - signal is a signal used for data transmission about fuel from cut-in sensors of fuel level; digital - RS485/232 is used for working with digital sensors of the fuel level.

Another possibility to control fuel system is the control of the fuel consumption per certain period basing on the information received from flow-type consumption sensors. Voyager 2N has a possibility to receive information and from this kind of sensors in pulse operation.

Free using of the software

Any registered user can use free up to 3 vehicles at GEO.RITM service and in special, mobile user orientated Android application for controlling and managing of Voyager 2N device.

Our dealers can have 1000 vehicles.

For the rest types of users, the price of using can be from 1 to 3,5 per vehicle, depending on the quantity of vehicles. Clarify the details in our sales department.

Additional equipment support

Voyager 2N can be matched with additional equipment: security and anti-theft system and working mechanisms (engine, crane, bucket etc).

Direct connection to CAN BUS of the vehicle will permit you to receive such kind of parameters like conditions of the safety belts, condition of the doors, headlights and etc.

Thanks to outputs, open collector type, Voyager 2N can manage external devices, for example remote engine blocking.

Availability of 1-Wire-input permits you to transmit to the navigation system the data received from the external sensors (data can be used for refrigerators temperature regimes) and data about access cards (identification of the drivers).

Protection from the external action

Design features of the case and protection level of IP52 provide lack of access of personnel to the internal organs of the device and protection from the dust and splash. But, even if the structural integrity of the case is damaged, tamper-sensor will permit the owner to know immediately about illegal access to Voyager 2N block.

Protection from polarity reversal, and high capacity built-in accumulator permit exclude problems and power failure. Depending on the chosen mode of working of Voyager 2N, built-in accumulator provides it single unit operation power from 12 hours (during operation) till several months (downtime).

Easy installation, settings and diagnostic

Compact case and low weight of the device permit you to install it inside of the cavity available in the vehicles with minimum efforts.

It is possible to install it using clamp bands and with special mounting. Setting and firmware of the device may be processed as locally (via USB) ad in remote mode in any convenient moment, without necessity to withdraw the vehicle from the route or service visit of the engineer.

For installation of the equipment no special software is required, the setting can be processed via geo.ritm source. All the settings will be saved in nonvolatile backup memory and will be not reset even in case of full deenergizing of the device.

GEO.RITM resource provides Summary information for fast diagnostic of the devices conditions of the fleet.

Built-in functions

Accelerometer and motion sensor, built-in Voyager 2N, permits you to make conclusions about transport operations (driving/parking/evacuation/ road traffic accident), transmitting this information to dispatchers and making the choice of the optimal mode of working of the device.

Nonvolatile backup memory on more than 200 000 points permits you to guarantee saving up to 10 000 km of the mileage in case of absence of GSM covering area.

Match to TRCU conditions

The block is fully matched to the technical requirements of the Customs union. Possibility to supply together with 3G-modem and 2-SIM cards permits to increase the operation speed and reliability of the covering area of GSM-network, extending the possibilities of operation in roaming.

The block can work directly with two servers, including EGTS protocol using. This possibility permits the device to work directly with navigation GEO.RITM server and RNIC, excluding the necessity of data broadcasting from the server.

The block can be equipped with voice system connection (tangent or microphone+speaker), permitting the driver to have dual voice connection with dispatcher.

Duress button, connected to Voyager 2N block, permits dispatcher to react immediately to emergencies.

Via interface RS-232 to Voyager 2N special informational table and other additional devices can be connected.

Properties Voyager 2N Voyager 2N Wi-Fi
GPS Available
GLONASS Available
GSM (CSD, GPRS) Available
Wi-Fi Not available  Available
SIM-card type Mini-SIM Micro-SIM
EGTS protocol support Available
GSM antenna External
GPS/GLONASS antenna External
Quantity of SIM-cards 2
Parameters of the built-in accumulator storage battery BL-5C, 1020 mAh
External power supply 10-36 V
(sensor of the case breakage)
Power consumption 20-150 mA
(depending on the mode)
20-120 mA 
(depending on the mode)
Built-in motion sensor Available
Built-in accelerometer Available
External connections 1×USB, 1×GPS, 1×GSM, 1×CAN, 1×RS232, 1×RS485, 1×ouch Memory, 1×tangent, 2×universal inputs (sampled/frequency/analog), 2×sampled inputs, 2×outputs ( 1000 m)
External indicators GPS receiving,
SIM1 receiving,
SIM2 receiving,
External power supply
Nonvolatile backup memory 8 MBytes, not less than 200 000 records
Level of the case protection IP52
Dimensions 20x80x110 mm
Weight 150
Operating temperatures −40..+85