Control panel Contact GSM-5 (GSM-5-2, GSM-5-2 3G)
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Contact GSM-5
(GSM-5-2, GSM-5-2 3G)

Control panel has a simple tuning and provides comfortable guarding of the rooms: starting from the studio apartments
and cottages till company offices.

Contact GSM-5 is a time tested security and fire alarm system: hundreds of thousands of devices were produced and have
been working from 2010 all around Russia.

Every time on line

Contact GSM-5 traditionally uses wireless cellular network GSM as a main communication channel. Two SIM-cards and availability of the Online mode provide permanent connection with the panel. It permits to find out about breaking of the connection and the attempt to black out GSM signal in time.

Algorithms, used for data transmission, provide economic traffic consumption: average 3 megabyte per month.

In case of necessity, it is possible to use additional modules with GSM-5, extending the opportunities of the data transmission.

  • Contact LAN module for data transmission via Ethernet;
  • Contact LINE module with built-in function of efficiency check of the telephone line for data transmission via wire telephone line (PSTN).

Meanwhile Ethernet and PSTN are protected from the influence of the system of the radio frequency (jammers).

For more safety, Contact GSM-5 transfers data on the reserve and redundant servers.

Connection of any sensors

Security and fire alarm panel Contact GSM-5 works with 16 guarding resisting input loops or 8 fire input loops. Such quantity will be quite enough for small office, cottage or apartments.The following wire sensors are supported: movement, perimeter sensor, magnetic contact detector (seal switch), water leakage sensor, gas leakage sensor.

Flexible corrective adjustments response of the resisting input loops makes easy the engineering and system deployment, having decreased the time of resistors fittings.

If you connect radio channel receiver to Contact GSM-5 you can use radio channel event event alerts detectors as well.

Easy and comfortable settings

Contact GSM-5 supports several equal ways of settings:

  • Setting-up in remote mode during working with GEO.RITM service;
  • Remote setting-up via GSM CSD;
  • Setting via universal programming cable.

For code changing or changing of the lost key it is enough to call from your office via CSD at the number of the SIM-card, installed in Contact GSM-5, and to make certain changings via setting program.

Matching via
RITM.LINK with panel
software of any manufacturer

To put under the guarding
in any comfortable way!

Using security and fire control panel Contact GSM-5 you will put under the guarding the object just having pushed the button on the keypad or even from the guards post of the software.

Our panel supports arming and disarming by many ways:

  • Wire keypad (up to 15 devices simultaneously);
  • Wire sensor keypad (up to 15 devices simultaneously);
  • Touch Memory keys or proximity cards (up to 255 keys/cards simultaneously);
  • Via cloud server GEO.RITM;

Make a choice of the most comfortable way for you!

In the darkness but under the cover

Accumulator storage battery will provide single unit operation of GSM-5 in case of shutting of the electricity. In fact that electrical box is installed out of the guarding object and it is easy to get access to that, and country houses can be under rotating blackout of the electricity. Because of the power control availability, Contact GSM-5 can find out and inform about
de-energizing and breaking of the guarding object perimeter.

Depending on the tasks you have Contact GSM-5 is provided by the accumulator of the necessary capacity: 1,2 Ah and 7 Ah.

Different kinds of selling options

Everlasting question: how to achieve the maximum advantage of the guarding equipment with the limited budget? Having chosen
Contact GSM-5 panel you will easily find the answer of this question.

Modularity of the system joints will permit you to follow the budget and to be sure about the reliability of the entire guarding complex. You are free to make a choice of:

  • Type of the using modem (3G/2G),
  • Voice menu availability,
  • Capacilty of the accumulation battery,
  • Case,
  • Sensors,
  • Control and indication devices.

At the territory with firm covering with 3G network, you can use panel with 3G built-in modem. In the cases when the covering area of the cellular operator supports only 2G network (in the most cases it is area centers), you can use Contact GSM-5 with 2G modem supply.

When you need voice notification about the security of fire use the supply of the panel with voice information.

Make the choice of the set that will solve exactly your tasks but not the task of the average consumer.

Indication and notification

The alarm and informational tables are connected to three outputs of Contact GSM-5. The panel can be extended by 15 relay cards, to which 75 external indicators are connected. This way you will make the indication of each zone.

Contact GSM-5 in the case of necessity will inform you by SMS about the events: arming/disarming, alarm or failure of the loops.


Contact GSM-5 connected via data line to the intelligent relay card, will automize during the events arrival.

It will permit you:

  • to restart the server equipment in case of the shutting down the main power supply;
  • to shut ventilation valves in case of fire alarm receiving or actuating of the certain zones;
  • to switch on the light for a couple of minutes during the opening of the door;
  • forced restart the device with stand alone power supply in case of the disappearance of the main power supply.


Thanks to small sizes and flexible settings of the wire loops you can use Contact GSM-5 as channel-forming equipment gathers the data from the controlled third part panels, that do not have GSM transmitter and will transfer these data via its connection channels to single point unit.

Ademco ContactID protocol and working via RITM.LINK permits data transmission to any guards post software.

Matching via
RITM.LINK with panel
software of any manufacturer


  Contact GSM-5 Contact GSM-5-2 Contact
GSM-5-2 3G
Independent areas (partitions) Up to 16 Up to 16 Up to 16
Zones Up to 16 Up to 16 Up to 16
Users codes Up to 255 Up to 255 Up to 255
Touch Memory keys Up to 255 Up to 255 Up to 255
Outputs 3 3 3
Relay Up to 80 Up to 80 Up to 80
Keypad Up to 15 Up to 15 Up to 15


Wire input loops 8/16 8/16 8/16
"Open collector" outputs (12V, 300 mA) 2 2 2
Alarm output (12V, 300 mA) 1 1 1
Relay cards 1 1 1
Outputs in realay cards Up to 15 Up to 15 Up to 15
ouch-Memory controller + + +
Wire keypad Up to 15 Up to 15 Up to 15


GSM-modem 2G 2G 3G
Quantity of SIM-cards 2 2 2
LAN optional optional optional
PSTN optional optional optional


ContactID via GSM GPRS Online - + +
ContactID via GSM GPRS Offline - + +
ContactID via GSM CSD + + +
ContactID via GSM DTMF + + +
ContactID via GSM SMS to the remote control + + +
GSM SMS to the owner + + +
GSM VOICE to the owner + - -
ContactID via LAN Online optional optional optional
ContactID via PSTN DTMF optional optional optional


Protocol of the data transmission Ademco ContactID Ademco ContactID Ademco ContactID
Event log 65535 65535 65535
Nonvolatile clock + + +
Setup via universal cable + + +
Remote setup via GSM CSD + + +
Arming/disarming from the monitoring software + + +
Voice menu + - -


Dimensions, mm 16010030 16010030 16010030
Weight, g 140 140 140
Range of the working temperature, -30 +50 -30 +50 -30 +50


Voltage, V 12 12 12
Used currency in idle state, mA 250-650 250-650 250-650
Used currency in alarm mode during data transmiting, Up to 1 Up to 1 Up to 1
Power supply availability check + + +

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