GEO.RITM: usage and options of to the customers
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Usage and options arrangement of GEO.RITM
to the customers

You can use server for free

Personal virtual machine
in “Ritm” data center

Private cloud:
personal GEO.RITM

Cloud GEO.RITM software is developed by “Ritm”. There are several ways to use GEO.RITM by customers.

You can use server for free

You can use server for free

Cloud service is a whole GEO.RITM SaaS-service, which is supported by “Ritm” employees.

The advantage of work with is that you can supervise up to three objects in your profile for free. In case if you need to supervise more than three objects, service charge is from 1 to 3,5 ˆ per month for each object (depending on its quantity).

If you are a dealer - a company that starts up it’s own business by selling equipment manufactured by “Ritm” trademark, you’ll have special conditions on object placement at cloud service: one thousand objects for free.
These conditions will help you to start up your business, without wasting your resources on developing and technical support of server software.
You can concentrate on selling equipment, invoice processing, technical support and customer service.

The recommended price for customer service per month is from 1 to 3,5 ˆ.

Advantages of this approach:

  • free use of cloud software;
  • always the latest and full-function software;
  • free technical support for direct customers and dealer companies;
  • free one year data storage;
  • high rate of GEO.RITM operation speed and accessibility;
  • quick and convenient way to add monitoring devices: “Ritm” equipment is setup to work with right at the production site, so there’s no need in the additional setup.

What’s the catch?

It’s fair and square. The clients are allowed to use three vehicles in our service for their own purposes for free. But to work with more than three vehicles takes a small access fee, that is often less than you pay for a car wash.
Integrator may even forgot to think how the server works and focus on selling our equipment and on quality of their subscription services.

Personal virtual machine
in “Ritm” data center

Personal virtual machine
at “Ritm” data center

Do you need to make full service branding? We have foreseen it: in this case we offer you to rent virtual machine in “Ritm” data center.

You can check the rental cost for the virtual machine with personal GEO.RITM service with our sales manager.

The advantages of this approach:

  • personal branding (you can use your own logo and marks);
  • easy transferring of the virtual machine at your server if needed;
  • unlimited number of monitoring objects;
  • “Ritm” technical support employees update the virtual machine;
  • software update is made only at your request, with your permission;
  • you can go back to the previous software version after GEO.RITM updates;
  • free data storage for one year;
  • high rate of GEO.RITM operation speed and accessibility;
  • free virtual machine’s problem solving;
  • you can use your domain names for user’s work and for equipment, which allows you to come to the third variant of software usage in a few hours, if needed;
  • flexible scaling.

Unquestionable win out of using this approach is that the virtual machine is in “Ritm” data center, meets all the requirements and regularly attended by highly qualified specialists.

Private cloud: personal GEO.RITM

Private cloud:
personal GEO.RITM

You can’t rent our virtual machine due to legislation (relevant to banks) or domestic security policy of your company? In this case we can provide you with GEO.RITM software to place it at your server.

Please, note that even though this option is available, but it carries some risks due to complicated setup and maintenance process of the software that works with GEO.RITM.

Risks of this approach:

  • you’ll have to provide flawless operation of cluster and it’s short reaction time on your own;
  • you’ll have to setup all the software which is needed for GEO.RITM by yourself;
  • you’ll have to maintain the whole software complex;
  • you’ll have to provide updates and recovery (when needed) of the GEO.RITM software;
  • you’ll have to solve problems at network level.

In case you decide to realize this scenario of work with GEO.RITM, you’ll need to have an employee or group of employees, who will maintain the GEO.RITM service, who possess the following knowledge of work principles and skills in setup and administration:

  • Linux;
  • MySQL;
  • Apache;
  • PHP;
  • Java EE Glassfish;
  • Wowza;
  • VMWare vSphere or NSX;
  • confidently solve problems at transport level and know networking equipment (Cisco);
  • possess competence of the systems engineer.

If you decided to use the private cloud, then we’ll give you all the necessary documents and all distributive updates for free. However, in this case we perform technical support at extra charge - due to the fact that in order to find out the reasons that caused hardware and network problems can take a lot of time.

Incorrect setup of the software leads to faulty operation of GEO.RITM software, displeasure from the users, and, eventually, to reduction of profits. Knowing this, we recommend you to use this scenario only when there is no other option.