Ritm Tracker: the Android application
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Android application

Convert a phone to a tracker

Ritm company developed a tracking application, Ritm Tracker, available free of charge for your personal use. Using it you could use satellite monitoring features even without any special equipment.

This application is useful for those who for some reasons do not have a gps-trackerbut needs some satellite monitoring features:

  • parents — to control kids: to make sure that kids are at school, remember about their music school lessons or just walk in a safe place;
  • kids — to search their aged parents if they go out or are in the woods and do not answer the phone;
  • managers — to assess performance of employees: from caretakers to sales persons.
В Ritm Tracker нажата кнопка тревоги
Окно тревоги в GEO.RITM

Generate an alarm

For guard service companies the Android-tracker acts as an additional mobile panic button with a position location feature. In case of emergency the smartphone owner generates an alarm, the guard service company receives it and processes in the familiar interface of the GEO.RITM software.

Easy to setup

Ritm Tracker operation is based on the ability of the smartphone to determine position and transmit this data to the GEO.RITM software.

A signal from GPS/GLONASS satellites is a source of location data. And this data is transfered using any available Internet connection: GPRS, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.

The interface of the Ritm Tracker application is inspired by minimalism and includes only useful options: specify if connection to eu.ritm.ru or to another installation is required and click START.

Вкладка настройки Ritm Tracker
Интерфейс Ritm Tracker
Отчёт по движению-стоянкам на основе данных Ritm Tracker

Start using now

If you have not used the GEO.RITM application yet then Ritm Tracker allows you personally and cost effectively experience the interface and included reports.

It is very easy to start using the satellite monitoring system:


The price depends on a use case of the application.

For noncommercial (home) use

it is free.

For commercial use

the application is free but there is a limit of devices with installed Ritm Tracker in GEO.RITM:

  • up to 3 devices — free;
  • every successive device is charged separately.

Contact Sales department for pricing Ritm Tracker for commercial use.