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Vehicle GPS Tracking Systems
Autonomous GPS-tracker for cargo shipment monitoring Voyager 5N
In order to find out where your cargo is (containers, railway cars, road trains, etc.) and make sure it is safe, you can use state-of-the-art modern satellite tracking devices, such as the Voyager 5N GPS tracker, which comes in a tamper-proof, dust- and moisture resistant casing.
Independent sealed GPS tracker Voyager 6N

A fully independent and sealed GPS-tracker, also known as a ‘beacon’ or ‘bug’, is designed to determine a vehicle’s location in the event of theft.

Miniature GPS-tracker Voyager 4N for guarding and controlling the car
Compact device. Used for on-line transport monitoring in order to control the location and the route. Theft resist of the transport: following recommendation of the installation and tuning it will be practically impossible to indicate the tracker inside of the car.
Professional GPS-tracker Voyager 2N for fuel and routes control
Using Voyager 2N together with GEO.RITM system gives You possibility to decrease fuel expenses at 25-30%, increasing the profit of your business at the same moment. Economical effect of using Voyager 2N is based on the termination of the tricks with the fuel: realizing the imminence of revealing of fuel siphoning and underfilling, the drivers stop stealing, but management of transport enterprise will have the correct way for controlling the conditions of the tanks.
Wireless Control Panels
Compact standalone alarm button "Contact GSM-1M"
Easy equipping of a small shopping pavilion or other property with a standalone or stationary autonomous alarm button without the installation of other expensive systems — that’s exactly the kind of job that the Contact GSM-1 is designed to do. Operation of the alarm button doesn’t require any additional modules or devices: all it needs is to be connected to an external power source or periodically charged.
Security system with GSM-module and battery-powered in the body of the motion sensor Contact GSM-2
Contact GSM-2 — is a compact security device, placed in one case with PIR motion sensor. You’ll be able to install the security alarm within minutes at any property: garage, kiosk, van, any room in GSM coverage area. Besides that, with Contact GSM-2 you can set temporary protection of the property while redecoration work is in process.
Wireless control panel Contact GSM-14

Using the panel Contact GSM-14 you can manage the security of the apartment, cottage security or other facility’s security, and save it’s design concept and coziness. Wireless sensors will greatly ease and quicken the designing, assembling and setup of this security system.

Contact GSM-16

The combination of wired input loops and radio sensors allows to arm any real estate objects: country cottages and regular apartments, stores, offices and production shops.

Wireless sensors and devices
Wi-Fi facilities to connect with the control panels and communicate with GEO.RITM
Wi-Fi devices are designed to increase the capabilities of
Contact GSM-16 and Contact GSM-14 Wi-Fi security panels operating in the same computer network. For network equipment with Internet access, the accessories in the GEO.RITM monitoring system are standalone devices. This makes it possible to configure them remotely and to control them directly without using security panels.
RDD1, RDD2 and RDD3 magnetic contact radio sensors
Installing a magnetic contact sensor (for window and door opening) on windows or doors is the simplest and the most reliable way to receive information about unauthorized access to the guarded facility. RDD1, RDD2 and RDD3 magnetic contact radio sensors produced by the Ritm Company operate via a radio channel, which allows to reduce the number of wires.
Hardwired Control Panels
Control panel Contact GSM-5 (GSM-5-2, GSM-5-2 3G)
Control panel has a simple tuning and provides comfortable guarding of the rooms: starting from the studio apartments and cottages till company offices. Contact GSM-5 is a time checked security and fire alarm system: hundred thousand of devices were produced and have been working from 2010 all around Russia.
Control panel Contact GSM-9N with built-in keypad
In those cases when the secured object has only one access point, Contact GSM-9N is the most effective way to arm it with security device. It’s key feature is compact size and low price. The fact that it is placed in one case with keypad makes it compact, the price is the result of merging these devices.
Kit for protection of payment terminals and ATM
Kit for protection of payment terminals and cash machines (ATM). New equipment kit for protection payment terminals and cash machines (ATM) will permit You to obtain timely alarm signal about breaking and unauthorized movement of the cash machine (ATM). Power supply module and control panel are made in separate compact cases specially for their installation in the limited space of the cash machine (ATM).
Additional equipment
Monitoring equipment. Central monitoring stations
Use central monitoring stations with USB/LAN interfaces to create backup and main (in case of impossible using of TCP/IP) communication channels through DTMF, voice GSM, CSD (v 32 and v 110). The stations operate with our own equipment as well as with different third party equipment using for data transfer the following channels: DTMF, voice GSM and Ademco ContactID protocol.